2018 December 9: Our Passions Can Transform Us – Floralyn Groff

Floralyn will share how three passions in her life—turtles, goddesses, and labyrinths—have taken her through a very transformational life process. She will challenge you to take a look at your own experiences and consider how they may have transformed you in some way or another.

December 2018 CVUU Newsletter

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2018 Oct., 14: Life as Improv ~~ Dennis Harbaugh

Many of us think of ‘Improv’—performances that are unscripted and spontaneous—as light-hearted, playful comedy, and often that is the desired result. But like all disciplines, Improv has a few guidelines which lead to success—or at least an occasional chuckle. Is it possible the rules for Improv reflect a few life lessons from which we all could learn a thing or two? Set aside stodginess for a day and join us for a Sunday service which will include some audience participation!

2018 Nov., 4: Thoughts on Retirement ~~ Russ Campbell

Retirement is often not what was anticipated for retirees, or for those who deal with retirees. Neither try to do too much because there are too many good options, nor do nothing because you cannot decide which options to pursue.

2018 Nov., 18: Thanksgiving: The Last Frontier of Uncommodified American Holidays – Pastor Emma

Thanksgiving seems to be the last holdout of American holidays that are actually still about what they claim to be about—namely family, togetherness, and gratitude. Forget about Black Friday, let’s focus on being thankful for what we’ve got.