2019 January 6: Memories of Our Ministers – Adult Form Panel Discussion

After hearing about fifty years of UUism from Del Carpenter during the service, join us during the forum to hear from a panel of CVUUs as they share their memories of our ministers at the CVUU/UUSBHC and what we learned from them. We hope you’ll bring your own memories to share as well!

2019 January 6: Fifty Years Growing as a UU – Del Carpenter

Fifty years backsliding as a UU might also be an apt title, or fifty years “and all I gave them was. . .”. Some may remember Andy Griffith’s comic line, “what it was. . .was football”. Del Carpenter hopes to be able to say “what it was. . .was meaningful” or “what it was. . .was spiritual”. And definitely some of it was meaningful, spiritual growth.

2018 December 9: Our Passions Can Transform Us – Floralyn Groff

Floralyn will share how three passions in her life—turtles, goddesses, and labyrinths—have taken her through a very transformational life process. She will challenge you to take a look at your own experiences and consider how they may have transformed you in some way or another.

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