2019 April 14: What’s Love Got To Do With It? Pam & Al Hays

At this service, Al and Pam Hays will lead the congregation in a participatory examination of how the Seven Principles can be the foundation of living a life of love. After the service, join them in celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary by viewing and enjoying seven different cakes, lovingly prepared by CVUU members, each one representing a different Principle.

Includes recording of Michael Hay’s original song “That Kind of Love” (performed by Michael)

2019 March 31: The Web of Life – Bill Chene

This Sunday’s message will be about understanding the Unitive world and the Web of Life beyond the environmental dimension. The message will also cover how our human consciousness and awareness interacts with the Web of Life and its effect on our perceptions and misperceptions of the world around us.

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